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Why do you self medicate? Bad for many. Cold comfort for other benefits ... ...!

World Atlas


For the first time, WHO has published a world atlas on the headache.

The report warns that 50% of headache sufferers consume drugs without consulting your doctor.

Mal Global Atlas of many-headache
is so present and affects many people who, paradoxically, the headache goes unnoticed. He minimized, is diagnosed in the office late, and it faces an inappropriate manner, usually with self-medication, as the first world atlas of headache, which yesterday published World Health Organization (WHO), headquartered in Switzerland.
The atlas shows that 50% of the adult population between 18 and 65 suffer from some type of headache year. In 4% of those affected, the pain lasts for 15 days or more each month. Within the total of those affected, 10% suffer from migraine, a condition that is associated with nausea or vomiting and causes discomfort to the exhibition of lights, sounds and smells intense.
"This first comprehensive study illuminates the global neglect of a major public health problems and inadequate responses reveals countries ", say the experts of the WHO ( ) who produced the atlas. They did this through questionnaires answered neurologists, clinicians and patients in 101 countries between October 2006 and March 2009. They also conducted a systematic review of published epidemiological studies previously.
"It's very important that you have reached this atlas. From governments to the affected people and their families, all underestimate the impact of causing headaches in daily life " told Clarín Lorenzo Gardella, a specialist in headaches Rosario, and delegate of the Latin American Headache Society to the WHO. "For the pain, people do not grow well your life: do not do physical activity, miss work, they feel misunderstood by their partners and families. It is a very complex issue. "
The report of the global health agency, warns that only a minority of those affected by the headaches have access to a professional diagnosis. This underestimation of headache also leads to a problem in treatment: half of those affected self-medicate. That is, take drugs without being prescribed by a medical professional. And one consequence of this self-medication is-just-another cause of headaches. 10% are caused by abuse of drugs, especially painkillers, which can cause side effects. "They start to take them on the recommendation of friends or relatives but do not realize that they create dependency.
When they decide to consult a medical professional, do late, and above costs a lot to remove the consumption of drugs taken for self medication. By not taking them, they generated abstinence, "said Lucas Bonamico, the area of \u200b\u200bheadache and pain Fleni, who contributed information to the atlas of WHO.
"An interesting point is that now there preventive treatments for this pain, which may include topiramate, valproate, beta-blockers, among others. Can be supplemented with physical activity such as yoga, kinesiology, and in some cases psychotherapy, "said Gardner, who said the goal is that patients can manage pain . At the community level, health authorities have dos: "The Ministry of Health should make a campaign against self-medication and should include headaches and chronic disease within the PMO," suggested Mary de Lourdes Figuerola, Argentina Neurological Society. To fight them, advised 45 minutes a day of walking, cycling, swimming, sleeping on average the same amount of hours each day, not miss more than four hours without eating, and note the days when the headaches occur.

The serious risk of self-medication
"Some patients enter a vicious circle and find it very difficult to leave," said Maria de Lourdes Figuerola, in charge of the unit headaches Hospital de Clinicas, UBA. "Most of these patients take analgesics to relieve headache, without consulting a doctor, but over time generate drug resistance. Therefore, the patient became dependent on higher doses of painkillers, without stirring the problem. "

headache caused by abuse of drugs reaches 10% of the population. Is a squeezing pain, persistent, and often worse on waking. "Preventive treatment of headaches allows patients to leave this vicious circle, because it will reduce the intensity and frequency of pain," noted Dr. Figuerola in dialogue with Clarin.

In late April, the National Food, Drug and Medical Technology (ANMAT) Argentina's population warned that drugs containing the active ingredient ergotamine and used as "migraine" are allowed to be sold only by prescription. That is, not OTC. Between 2007 and 2010, the national pharmacovigilance system received 8 reports of adverse reactions to drugs ergotamine in patients suffering from headache. In several cases, the victims were hospitalized. In a statement, the ANMAT warned that chronic use of ergotamine or its management together ARV for HIV, such as ritonavir, may cause a serious adverse reaction called ergotism. This condition is characterized by the absence of pulse, coldness, pain in the legs and hands. For these reasons, said: "It discourages the use of ergotamine in prolonged or associated with antiretrovirals."

General Aspects

headache or headache. Definition
internal pain, global head due to damage to the integument of the cranial bones, meninges, or blood vessels. Its origins can be several; cite including infections, chronic infections, exogenous poisoning (snuff, coffee) or endogenous endocrine disorders ( diabetes, ovarian failure), gastrointestinal disorders or liver , hypertension, sinusitis, eye problems, etc.

Many cases of headache or dizziness, especially if they tend to occur in the morning, may be due to decreased blood sugar (hypoglycemia). If these disorders often occur after heavy meals, almost certainly the existence of digestive or liver problems.

Most headaches or migraines are "a priori" vascular . We must distinguish between primary ésstas caused by arthritis, deformities and injuries (Aneuria bleeding), and secondary or indirect calls functional vascular headaches, among them we can mention the migraines and shapes headaches, autonomic headaches, migraines by stress, of hypertension and migraine headaches essential.

headache is the most common of all the pains that affect humans

types of headaches
headache word refers to all the "headaches" but it is clear that not all the same. For this we have defined a very simple classification that groups the primary and secondary headaches. In the primary cause is unknown because the pain can not be demonstrated, although there is, there is a structural alteration or metabolic justified. In the secondary, however, after a comprehensive medical study can find out why there is pain, tumors, bleeding, stroke or trauma, infection, noninfectious inflammation, a metabolic disorder, among other causes.

We are not frightened by the possibility of developing a secondary headache, the percentage is minimal and very often is that the headache you have fit a primary headache, among which three types: tension headaches, the most common and less severe migraines or migraines, the most disabling and cluster headaches, the less common. Of cluster headaches that only characterized by severe pain in the eye, tearing and a runny or stuffy nose and that are more characteristic of men.

For many, the headache is more than just a headache, for others, those who suffer, is a disorder that affects negatively and very important to their daily lives. And it is not easy waking up every morning with the fear that the pain prevents you from being yourself and having to park all: the gatherings with friends, the movie takes time waiting and even work. As an intermittent condition is not always present, some patients do not seek help or take too long to do so.

Each headache sufferer experiences in a way and has a different story to tell. There are those who are not even able to open eyes in the morning, the sound of them hitting your brain and literally have to meet over 'after him, while others suddenly attacked them at the end of the day when relaxing, or overnight.


In most cases it is women between 15 and 45 years old, at the height of his life, making further delicate problem. The cause that affects women more work lies in its particular hormone.

But whether man or woman has to settle for the pain and know that there are solutions. The first thing is to go to the doctor, who will conduct testing to confirm diagnosis and determine the possible underlying cause of headache. When in doubt, new symptoms or if the patient does not respond well to treatment, the doctor himself sent to the neurologist, the true specialist in this problem.

Some believe that the headache is caused by a brain injury and logically are paralyzed to such a possibility. Do not be afraid and seek medical advice with confidence. The percentage of cases that we call evil, those who once described as secondary headaches is minimal: less than 10% and not even always respond to brain injury.


If a disease is an example of the terrible consequences that can bring self-medication that is headache. Some people who suffer from this problem do not seek medical testing and home remedies are friends or relatives, gorge on drugs and end all you get convert an occasional headache is chronic. Self-medication can lead to a headache that continues and it is very difficult to treat and is known as' excess headache drugs. " The relevance of this malpractice is such that is considered to be directly responsible for eight out of ten cases of chronic headache.

Before a continuing headache is the doctor who must indicate which drug to take and at what dose, and other forms of treatment.

In order to stop a headache when it is still nascent, there are fast-acting analgesic that acts in just 20 minutes letting the pain get worse.

But not always the remedy lies in drugs. Often enough to avoid the triggers and / or live, eat and sleep whenever the same time, without altering the biological rhythm. Some people manage to control the headache by, for example, relaxation exercises or anything else up a daily hour of gentle exercise.


If you suffer from headaches, one of the main aspects to bear in mind is to avoid things that trigger it, not always common to all patients. Know, trying to control and correct will save more than one crisis. Moreover, in general, it is important to follow these recommendations:

  • 1. Eat a balanced diet and eat frequently and at regular intervals. Both like to skip a meal can trigger copious headache. Avoid eating foods that can cause this type of pain, such as preservatives, red meat, cold meats, and fermented hard cheeses, seafood, bananas, chocolate, citrus or red wine. It is also important to avoid or moderate alcohol consumption, coffee and snuff.
  • 2. Avoid in places where there is environmental pollution or odors.
  • 3. Do not force the light and watch your eyes. The low lighting, television or computer, among others, could cause a headache.
  • 4. Sleep enough hours each day and try to have a regular sleep schedule.
  • 5. If you are female, watch the days when having your period because it can cause headache.
  • 6. Do moderate exercise regularly, like walking, swimming or cycling.
  • 7. Do everything possible not to take the same position for a long time and relax muscles that are periodically in tension. For example, if you must be many hours sitting at a desk or behind a computer do not forget for a few minutes periodically release muscle tension in your shoulders and neck with some relaxation exercises. Massage or physical therapy can be of great help to counteract the muscular stress caused poor posture.
  • 8. Deal with emotional stress learn relaxation methods such as yoga or meditation, avoiding the rush and discussions, listening to music and walking or doing activities that distract you.
  • 9. Write down what circumstances produce headache and try to avoid them.
  • 10. At the first sign, take action. If you notice a headache will take a short-acting analgesic as soon as possible. With this gesture will prevent the pain intensifies. But be careful not to abuse of analgesics.


Hypertension Headache
are similar to those of other sufferers. Sometimes the pain is compressive, deaf, in the form of cap or diffuse, sometimes appears in the form of pain Crissier Boring. About these headaches located in the front and others in the back of the head or temples. You can also take the form of severe pain of sudden onset to blood pressure to rise sharply.

Recall that the headache or migraine should always be regarded as a symptom, not a disease, from multiple sources so that it is wrong simply to abolish or alleviate pain, but it is necessary to find and diagnose the cause and proceed to the prevention or cure of headaches or migraines.

Tension headache
is very difficult to understand is a tension headache if you have never had, but could be defined as a constant dull pain on both sides of the head is usually accompanied by tension in the muscles of the neck. Normally that does not appear by surprise but a slight pain to go announce your arrival gradually increasing in intensity. Usually, no one knows why, usually begins in the mita day.

Tension headaches are the most common headache, and although usually is the least serious, in some cases may even hurt more than a migraine. Although the first thing you think of is to use a drug, the truth is that it is not ideal. When the headache is chronic tension, pain relievers and tranquilizers may worsen the pain, so when the crisis is such that drug use becomes excessive is best approached as quickly as possible preventive treatment to avoid this excessive consumption.


  • "Emotions, stress
  • " permanent physical and psychological suffering
  • "monotonous and prolonged sitting position, poor posture
  • " Mala or sitting position
  • sleep
  • "Bottlenecks
  • " unfavorable
  • Brightness "stuffiness

  • " Relaxation exercises and stress management
  • daily "Light resistance training diary
  • "bike, swimming, horse ...
  • "Bathrooms cold feet or hands
  • " Establish a calendar of headaches
  • "Learning to avoid triggers


If acute attack are recommended:

  • "Put a cold, wet gauze on the forehead
  • " Rub peppermint oil on the forehead and neck
  • "Relaxation exercises , self-massage
  • " It is best not to use drugs or, alternatively, take simple analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs for oral use: aspirin, ibuprofen, diclofenac or acetaminophen maximum 4 ... days per month. Consult your doctor or pharmacist.
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Migra free self-help for patients.
Reports: / migrana.htm,;

SOURCE: Valeria Roman for Clarin (Argentina), AEPAC (English Association of Patients with Headache) Migra Foundation.

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